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Habits Are Hard to Break – But Time Waits For No One

Does anyone else wait for a special “moment” to make a change in their lives or to start breaking bad habits?

So perhaps the start of the year, or the start of the month, or week, or the day after Christmas or the day after you birthday and so on and so on and so on…?

See, I have always done that. I am a prolific “wait-til-tomorrower”.

Procrastination is my middle name.

I am chief procrastinator.

My degree is in procrastinating.

procrastination habits

“Oh, I’ll just get the rest of the week out do the way on start on Monday” — giving me, of course, ample time to stuff my face with all the things know I shouldn’t be and then at the end of it think to myself “oh, one more week won’t hurt” or “I’ve blown it now — there’s no point trying until my self-control is better”.

Habits are tricky to break.

You know they say it takes 21 days to form a new habit.


I don’t want to wait that long. Nobody does. We want things to change now and we want it to be easy and we want to be successful and we want for everyone to recognise our achievements and to give us a crown — right? No? Just me then? *cough*

So on Wednesday this week I decided to start anew, even though the only thing special about Wednesday’s is that it is Hump Day and new Grey’s is on (though they’re on break at the moment here in the UK *sobs*)

I’m starting small, doing the 16:8 Diet and cutting most refined sugars out (because I’m a dab hand at this point!). My last “get healthy” stint was in October and I, obviously got sidetracked by Christmas and new year (because, food). But it did work for the time I was doing it (17lbs down!) and I really enjoyed it too! I especially loved that my usual “danger time” – late night snacking y’all – was the first thing I conquered and it was SUPER easy compared to how I thought it would be!

So, who has the time to waste? Who has the time to wait?

You know, lightbulb moments are few and far between.

Change your story today. Live how you want to live today. Be who you want to be. Screw the haters. Be more. Live better. Break those chains.

Be free.

habits are hard to break


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