Foosball is the Devil. And so is Your Period.

Did you know that, through the divine powers that be, breastfeeding can sometimes cause your period to stop? Like, for realsky. Just stop. Take a big pause. Cut you some slack. It’s sort of awesome.

You can do anything when you’re not on your period!

You can literally wear white jeans any day of the week.

Sex any time. You know, if your kids ever leave you alone long enough to do it.

You can slap on a G-String if you so desire (though I, and my butt, never desire).

Swimming whenever the mood takes you! Without fear of leakage!

No cramps, guys. NO CRAMPS.

You can hold your crazy bitch hormones in check and not spew evil fire out of your mouth every time you open it.

You know, all good stuff.

The sad part of this is, of course, that it does come back…eventually.

Eight months after having my littlest bird, Aunt Flow has sadly returned. And she’s as big a cow as ever. Maybe worse.

when i'm on my periodIt’s safe to say that, though she has been a faithful companion of mine for many a year now, come rain or shine, I have not missed her in the slightest. In fact, when she came back, I got mad at her. I mean, sure, it’s nice to know I’m not pregnant, but really…

So here I thought I would name all the WORST things about the Red She Devil (AKA your period (you got that right?) coming into town:

  • Pad wedgies. Or as I like to call them, Pedgies.

leave me alone period

  • Hormonal acne. It simultaneously make us look like we have an incurable skin disease & adds a mountain range-like texture to our faces – win-win.
  • Sneezes require Pelvic Floor strengthening exercises.
  • Your handbag is a Mary Poppinsesque extravaganza of emergency “I just exploded everywhere” supplies (you know, extra pants, pads, chocolate, cone of shame).
  • The pain. The God-awful pain.

when you feel your first period cramp

  • Bridget Jones Period pants.

  • Changing your sanitary towel in a public bathroom & the noise the wrapper makes, basically signalling to everyone in there that you’ve got company that month. & those gross pad bins.
  • Bloating so you look 6 months pregnant and everyone asking how long you’ve got left to go. About another half a pack of Always pads, thanks Jane – and you?”
  • Waking and looking at the bed sheets with dread in the morning.

period expectation vs reality

  • Going number 2. I mean, just… sobs
  • The crying. So many emotions. So little time.

hormonal period

I’m off to eat my body weight in Lindor.

Let me know if you think of anymore in the comments!

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all you need to know about breastfeeding and your period






    1. ninabird Author

      Aw, bless her! Periods are such terrible things to negotiate, even when you’re an adult — I think I’ve repressed my teenage period years! Haha x

  1. ugh!! Yes to all of this! 😭 I had a good couple of years of not so bad periods because I had my five kids so close together. But now my youngest is almost four and the last few years have SUCKED! The joys of being a woman. 😜

    1. ninabird Author

      Oh the joys indeed! Yes, I had my 4 close together & always had some lovey breaks from periods! Lol, this is my last little guy though so most definitely it now – periods for life (well, until the menopause…I sincerely hope this isn’t me wishing for the menopause? LOL!) x


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