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11 Tips on Forming a New Habit

We all know that dieting is not for the faint of heart. That exercise has to be motivated by something other than how you look in the mirror and that a habit is hard to break, especially with little kids in tow! And I’m telling this to myself too, guys – I struggle with making lifestyle changes that will ultimately benefit me. I want the chocolate when I know I shouldn’t want the chocolate (& I, 9 times out of 10, eat it too.)

So, here is my list of things to help you, & I, get our butts in gear and hopefully form a new habit or two along the way.

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1. Start slow. Don’t get over-motivated & take on too much! Drink one full glass of water a day. Do that for a while, then drink 2. Then drink 3. Easy right? Once that’s cracked, don’t eat past a certain time in the evening. Start small. Little changes will having longer lasting results.

water habit

2. Start simple. Your life will not change overnight, nor will your thought process or your body. Don’t push yourself too far too fast.

3. Commit to thirty days. 30. A month. That’s it! This fits easily into your calendar meaning you can watch the days tick by simply and, if at the end of it it hasn’t worked, you’ve barely lost any time at all. (But I bet it will work.)

30 day habit4. Remind yourself WHY you’re changing. Here you can read my post on why I’m doing this now and not waiting until tomorrow! Give yourself an incentive. Stick up some photos. Set an event in your year (a wedding or a holiday or a gig etc) that you want to be ready for. I have 3 events that I want to be in shape for this year, the first of which is only 4 months away. I realise I probably won’t reach my goal by then, but I can be getting closer, one step at a time.

Remember it takes 21 days to form a new habit!

5. Remove temptation. Seriously. If it’s there, you will most likely eat it. I know I do. If you put the TV on after dinner, you will probably watch that rather than stick in your workout DVD. Shift things around. Alter your perspective and what is in your line of sight.

remove temptation for new habit

6. Mark it in your calendarphysically. Print out a monthly calendar, buy one from the store — & mark it down. This Van Gogh Colours of the Provence 2018 (Fine Arts) is lush & on its way to me even as I type! (I told you I was doing this too!)

7. Replace the things you cut out. So, say you were eating a bar of chocolate a night, why not switch it out for an orange instead? That full fat Coca Cola, why not exchange it for diet? The walk you do every day, why not stick in 30 second increments of jogging? Remember, start small.

8. Get your family involved. Go running with your kids. Cook healthy meals together and search for new, exciting recipes you’d like to try. Stick on some Cosmic Kids Yoga and start a weight loss challenge with your spouse! Go for a walk with the family dog every day! Switch out some of their more unhealthy snacks (sweets) for healthier ones (raisins). My boys love fresh fruit and a lot of the time they’d settle happily for a pomegranate or a small bowl of grapes or apple as a treat after dinner!

dog walk habit

9. Write it down. So this ties in with the calendar a little, but this time I’m talking about down what you want to do, why you want to do it, how you’re going to do it.

Writing makes our thoughts clearer & will focus you on the end result!

10. Get kitted out. If you’re going to start running, don’t go out in your dodgy, falling apart, I can see your socks through the side of your trainers shoes – invest in some feet huggers that are going to see you through the long haul! I’d also suggest getting some really snazzy workout gear! I got mine from Fabletics & I can honestly say I adore them! They look amazing, feel amazing and are so damn comfy I’d wear them every day if I could! Their high waisted leggings alone are a game changer!

(FYI, when buying from Fabletics you have to set up a monthly subscription with them, but you can skip all the months you don’t need new workout gear, like I do, which is really simple – just the click of a button! Don’t forget though as they will charge you! I made that mistake once (oops, sorry Mr Bird!) but hey, pretty clothes!) (P.S. They’re not paying me to say this – I just genuinely love ’em!)

11. Do you. This is not my goal or your partners or your friends or your mums. You are doing this for YOU. Don’t worry about what you should be doing or about what others think you should be doing! Do what you want to be doing – the thing that keeps you motivated to stay on course and form a new habit! Guilt & empty promises aren’t going to help you here! If you want to juice, then juice (Jason Vale is my Guru), or if you want to cut out meat and dairy, DO IT! If you want to dance around your living room naked for 25 minutes a night before going to bed, have at it, but you should probably remember to close your curtains first.

We’re on our way, dear ones!

Let me know what habits you’re trying to break and what new ones you’re trying to make in the comments section below!! Are you doing something for Lent? If so, let me know so I can cheer you on!

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