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Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred: Day Three & Day Four

Jillian Michaels, 30 Day Shred, I still love you.
Even though it feels as though my whole body has been hit by a bulldozer.


One thing I haven’t noted yet is that, for this 30 Day Shred workout, you’re going to need hand weights.

Google Image Search)

They’re used a lot, too, so they’re not something you can skip.

Saying that though, one of mine is missing…

I’m assuming one of The Lost Boys has used it in some game, reenacting some kind of war time/Pokemon/Mario/Ninjago/etcetc scenario & misplaced/hidden it, so, rather than turn the house upside down, I’ve been using some trusty friends — baked bean tins…even though I don’t like baked beans…& have happily cursed those raskily little legumes every time I’ve accidentally dropped one of the tins on my toes…

Yes, one of the times. Because I have, in fact, done it more than once.

I’ll be buying some more weights for the sake of my toes in the next couple of days.

Favourite Jillian Michaels Line:

“The knot in the pit of your stomach? That is fear leaving the body!”

I don’t know why. It makes me simultaneously giggle AND work harder. Go figure.

Day 4

So my arch nemesis came to visit – oh yes, Aunt flow is back – 1 week fricking early!! So I’m not feeling my best. Not only am I aching from exercising but my lovely P&P* is causing me to ache all over too also.

*P&P = Pride & Prejudice = Period Drama.

(Google Image Search)

Favourite Workout Move So Far:


“That little pooch you guys get & you don’t dig? This is going to help us get rid of that.”


But, honestly, surprisingly, shockingly & thankfully, I’m getting better! My endurance levels are rising! I can actually do a fair few pushups now before my arms start screaming at me when, on day one, I could barely do one! Huzzah!

Goals for this 30 Day Shred:

I think it’s important that, throughout our lives, we set goals. I’m learning as I get older *shudders at the word “older”*, that it is imperative that when we start things, we see them through to the end, & I think, for me, that has an effect on my self-confidence, pride of self, & feeling good about who I am & what I’ve achieved.

“When you think about quitting, think about why you started.”

Next month I turn 30.

I honestly still feel like I’m still 18 most of the time, but alas, no, I am almost 30 & I’m definitely beginning to show my age. What I mean by this is, things are starting to sag a little – uou know what I’m talking about. My lack of fitness is evident in various places throughout my body — okay, in all the places throughout my body. And things click when they shouldn’t. Plus I’ve started enjoying “sensible shoes” now. Yack.

So my initial goals are these: I want to drop at least one dress size for my 30th birthday & I want to have a less pronounced mumtum. I want to get through one of these workouts, top to bottom (hehe, bottom), without screaming various profanities throughout (okay, that goal is clearly a shot in the dark, but miracles do happen, friends!) & I want to think about press-ups without wanting to kill myself.

Jillian Michaels says I can do it. & so I shall.


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