Personally hand-painted in beautiful watercolour by me, every one of these cards is unique and can be made to your specification. You can order the same card design as is shown here, of course, or message with your own design profiles. You can change hair colour, clothing, skin tone, etc. to fit the person you wish to send the card to, and I will do my best to accommodate your needs.

If you would like the card to be sent directly to the recipients door, this option is also available to you. Please include what you would like writing as a handwritten note inside the card and the recipients name and address.

6 x 6 Inches
White Card & Envelope


Breastfeeding is a beautiful bond shared between mother and baby. I love breastfeeding — I know many women who do — but that doesn’t mean that we don’t all go through our tough times with it — those first few days can be especially gruelling.

As a mum of four boys, I know that sometimes it can feel like the nights are never ending and the sleep deprivation will last forever. As much as we love it, it can be hard to manage, especially if it’s 3am and the baby has been crying for two hours none stop. Sometimes you really could do to know that someone is there for you, thinking of you and that, in the wee small hours of the night, you are not alone.

Here is where these cards come in!

There have been many times when I could have used support, or given it to another lady, but I just didn’t know how I could receive it or how I could give it out. These “Breastfeeding Support Cards” have been designed for people like you and I, who just want to show a little love and care to our wives, sisters, mothers, aunts and friends; they are a way to let them know that they are doing a fab job, and that although it may be tough right now, it will be oh so worth it!


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