Bird Gets Fit

Shredded: Days 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9

Let’s get shredded.

Exercise for days…

Yes, I’m afraid this is a mammoth listing of the last few days, but I’m hoping you’ll forgive me!

I’m currently dealing with a very poorly, teething baby who is sleeping less than a couple of hours a night and a threenager who has an ear infection and has gone from sleeping through every night to waking a good few times in order to have a drink or a cuddle or a top up of some pain killer or another.

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I am a mum-zombie AKA a mombie.

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Ordinarily, this would be where I’d pack this exercise lark and sugar free craziness (because, for me, this is CRAZY, yo!) in and go back to my old ways, however, for some reason, I am powering through.

Day 5

I was rather achey and found the side lunges with arm raises particularly trying for the first time since starting — my arms were literally burning the whole way through.

But press ups?? I actually managed the first set completely and then most of the second set! Huzzah!

So, am I getting shredded?


Day 6

Well…I noticed my endurance levels have raised ten-fold.

So much so that, I went from day one, literally screaming at the DVD and myself, collapsing every 2 mins and unable to catch my breath, to being able to complete the whole workout, top to bottom with only a few quick stops for sips of water.

Say what?!

Annoyingly, in the last set of jumping jacks, I felt something go in my left knee *grimace* and a niggly little vicious pain has followed me around since. Waah.

Day 7

I tried to do the workout; I was ready and willing (because, boy do I want to get shredded!!) but my knee literally would not allow me to jump whatsoever without it collapsing under me in agony. *sigh*

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I decided to compensate the best I could with squats and punches, plus some quick marching, to try make up for some of the cardio that I wasn’t able to do (specifically the jumping jacks, jump rope & butt kicks).

Day 8

The pain in my knee continued.

So, rather than let it defeat me, I did the same thing again. And I still completed the workout beginning to end, plus my press-up levels, abs workout etc were so markedly different from day one, I could hardly believe it!

I could actually talk while doing some of them!

Day 9

I had a bad day with the kids.
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They seemed to get even more sick, as if that was even possible.

It got to 11pm at night when I realised that my workout for that day was just never going to happen.

Instead, I did crunches, press-ups, reverse crunches and bicycle crunches (which hurt soooo bad) before I headed up to bed, just to make sure that my body got a little something — so day 9 hasn’t really been day 9 — instead that will be tomorrow!

And then only one more day til Level 2! Eep!


Go ahead and get a free printable to cross off your days as you go along doing this workout! Head to this link and print off the document under the title “Motivation Freebie”!



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