Bird Gets Fit

Time for a change…

I made a big change. I started running.

That’s right. Chubby little “I haven’t exercised in 5 years” me.

Honestly – after my first run? – It’s fricking awful.

My legs hurt ALL THE TIME.

My throat hurts when I’m out trying to, you know, breathe.

People driving by look at me weird.

Ice cream vans taunt me.

I’ve been (ironically I presume) wolf-whistled at by a man-child/child-man, something-or-other.

But you know what? Screw it.

I am going to fricking do this, even if it kills me.

“Fat mummy” is no more.

I refuse to be frozen by other people’s opinions.

Drama or judgement holds no interest for me.

I am in this to change my life – my health.

It would be great to be able to wear high heals for an evening & not want to kill myself because my legs hurt so much.

I want to play tag with The Lost Boys and not get cramp after 5 minutes.

I want to look in a mirror and say “heeeeeeey” and not “oh”.

So here I am.

Little old (almost 30 year old) me, just starting out.

In case you didn’t know, here’s some of my story —

I am a vegetarian, self-employed, Home Educating mum of four boys (aged 7, 6, 3 & 7 months). If I have even a tiny bit of chocolate it’s all I can think about for days!!

I am currently incredibly sleep deprived, breastfeeding, trying to do the 16:8 diet, stick to the calories MyFitnessPal has assigned to me on a daily basis & stay as sane as possible. Breastfeeding makes me feel like I’m starving most of the time (I am most certainly not!) & it is not helpful!

Hubs & I have decided to join the gym this or next month which I’m very nervous about. I’ve never stepped foot in one & I’m fairly sure I’ll use the equipment wrong at some point & look like a complete tit 🤷‍♀️

My weight has yoyo’d for years, due to pregnancies, BFing & just general lack of will power & love of naughty foods 🤤

I was fittest when…

The fittest I’ve ever been was when recovering from PND after having my second son & I altered my entire diet (cut out all sugars, takeouts, processed foods etc – yes, I basically just lived off water & air). I did a Zumba class twice a week as well as another class & I did Zumba on the Wii at home every morning before my guys got up. (This is not possible atm when the threenager gets up at 5am every day & the baby is up all night!). I also did Slimming World on & off. This really helped me get through what was an incredibly awful time. (I’ll most likely touch on this at some point during my blogging adventure!)

I lost 2&1/2 stone in that time & looked like a totes different person – felt like one too. 💪🏻 I put a bit of weight on with my 3rd, but not lots despite having SPD & being unable to exercise.

Vitamin D Issues

I then ended up with a severe Vitamin D deficiency which caused fatigue, aching body, headaches, fuzzy head (couldn’t focus), depression & anxiety attacks (plus a lot more things). All of this was underlined way me putting all the weight I’d lost back on – waah! It took a long time to get back to “normal” & I still struggle with bouts now!

With my fourth boy I then piled on even more weight, which was demoralising & kinda embarrassing if I think about it. I continued with Slimming World on & off throughout this whole time but lost a lot of faith in myself following it. That’s why I’ve decided trying something new!

I currently want to lose around four stone but hate going out (I am most definitely turning into a hermit – the sofa has moulded itself to my butt print) Like so many of us out there, I am very much an emotional eater:

Low Mood = I reach for the chocolate! 🙊🙊 Anyone else?!?

I believe I, like us all, am very much a work-in-progress but I desperately want to get fit & experience a shift in the way I view food and nutrition. (As a side note, I am an avid believer and lover of Juicing and Jason Vale, so I’ll most likely share recipes from time to time!)

You can follow along here in the “Bird Gets Fit” section of my Blog for some tongue-in-cheek updates and hopefully, at the end of all this, there’ll be a great before & after photo *winky face* – stay tuned!

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